Learning Outcomes

In this short course I'll take you through the research and academic operationalisation of self compassion, some of its associations and effects on individuals and their self care as well as on health practitioners with compassion fatigue and burnout. You'll learn how to weave language that models a self compassionate attitude into your counselling and encounters with others and yourself.

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Learning Tasks

  • Module 1: Develop an understanding of Self Compassion Theory
  • Module 2: Discover your own level of self compassion with the Self Compassion Scale and learn more about it's development and uses 
  • Module 3: Complete the Self Compassion Induction activities to strengthen your own self compassion
  • Module 4: Do the quiz (and get the Certificate of Completion!)

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the operational constructs of self compassion, as defined by Neff
  • Appreciate the health factors and outcomes associated with self compassion
  • Identify strategies which have been shown to induce self compassion in experimental studies

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the materials used in this brief course were first developed for the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast by Fiona Willer, AdvAPD, a professional development podcast, available via subscription on Patreon. For more details please see https://www.unpackingweightscience.com/

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